Thinking Skills

ThinkingSkills is a Thinking Dimensions Australia & NZ company and is part of the Thinking Dimensions Global & KEPNERandFOURIE, better known as, KF brand.

Andrew Sauter

Director of Thinking Dimensions Australia & Partner of Thinking Dimensions Global.

Andrew’s strength lies in having an in-depth knowledge of IT and IT departments, which enable tangible results to the major IT challenges experienced by Top 1000 Companies globally.

Andrew has over 30 years of experience in IT & Business working with major financial institutions, Defence, Law & Mining in various technical, project management & senior management roles including CIO for a Corporate Compliance & software Development firm.

Thinking Skills Workshops

You will learn an innovative approach that you can use to harness & guide your team’s thinking, seamlessly and efficiently. These are essential skills that all leaders, managers & subject matter experts require to be truly successful communicators and problem-solvers.

In our workshops we will show you how to use these collaborative critical thinking skills to analyse and attack the four critical pillars that support out of the box and innovative thinking.

  • Situation Analysis (Gap & Priority Analysis)
  • Problem Solving
  • Decision Making
  • Risk Analysis

The skills we teach have been applied and proven in practice in a diverse range of companies and industries all over the world.

They can be applied to any situation or problem anywhere and in any industry. No matter if you are in IT, aviation, mining, manufacturing, construction, finance, marketing or project management. You can use these thinking skills throughout your career wherever it may take you.

We can also customize an online workshop specifically for your company’s or industry’s critical thinking needs.

itRCA Workshop

In this workshop, our certified trainers & consultants will show you how to use the amazing KF (KEPNERandFOURIE) critical thinking skills to understand complex situations better, solve problems & incidents faster, make better decisions, uncover the best corrective actions and how to analyse your Risks more successfully.

During this workshop you will learn thinking approaches that are flexible and practical and have a unique blend of intuitive, logical and creative thinking.

These approaches have been applied and proven in practice and have helped many IT departments achieve dramatic improvements in their problem solving, decision-making & risk functions. We trust that this workshop will be a unique and worthwhile learning experience for you.

After completing this workshop, you will be able to:

1. Understand the difference between a Technical cause and a Root cause.
2. Generate an accurate incident or Problem Statement by using structured incident statement drills.
3. Use enhanced problem-solving structured questioning techniques.
4. Generate and identify the core issues represented in any Incident Situation.
5. Develop solutions & corrective actions for root cause removal or for any seemingly unsolvable situation.
6. Successfully identify risks for high risk changes or projects.
7. Utilise all these tools to improve collaboration across silos and remove the blame game!

For further information on the above workshop please contact

Workshop Details: 6 hours of content over 4 critical thinking modules with a Global Certification once complete.

Cost: GBP220.00+VAT for the full course

When booking please enter the special UK code STTUK5 for a 5% discount. To book for this online workshop, please click here.


I always wanted to know why we could not identify our root causes more accurately. When we did the Kepner and Fourie workshops, we were trained in the concept of Technical Cause versus Root Cause and this unique insight made a major difference in all of our incident & problem investigations after that.

David Pryde, EVP Product Support SGX

This is the best method I have ever seen on how to frame an incident in such a way that it makes sense to all present in the meeting or on the bridge. It enables us to progress through the investigation in a systematic way with a common language.

Problem Management, Service Assurance of a Global Retail Bank